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DK Meats was incorporated in 1998 originally involved in trading pork in the European market, since then it had developed into an international trading company that operates throughout the world. We have an experienced team of traders handling worldwide markets with particular focus on the Asian market. The continuous growth in the company can be attributed to the relationships it has established and the development of strategic partnerships throughout the world. We have a very loyal supplier and customer base whom have come to rely on our honest and straight way of doing business. Reliant on our market information and our ability to interpret market trends have given real competitive advantage to our partners.


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DK Meats - Quality Control



As we are trading with all EU approved factories all the products that we offer are of an international standard most of the factories are HACCP, BRC or QS standard.


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DK Meats - Market Information



Our closeness to the market worldwide allows us to provide you with information to help make the right decisions whether you are purchasing or selling.


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DK Meats - Currency Payment



With the international aspect to DK Meats and now with the world currency market being more volatile than before through Investec Bank.


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DK Meats - Logistics


With a generation of experience exporting to UK/EU/US/Middle East and Asia. We can arrange cost efficient delivery no matter where you are in the world.


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DK Meats International

Telephone: 00353-51-870216
Fax: 00353-51-304480
Address: Viewmount House, Dunmore Road, Waterford, Ireland.


Business Enquiries

Europe / Africa: Michael O’Sullivan – michael@dkmeats.com
Spain / Asia: Puri Garrido – puri@dkmeats.com
Europe / Americas: Des Keating – des@dkmeats.com
Accounts: Olga Power – olga@dkmeats.com