Quality Control

As we are trading with all EU approved factories all the products that we
offer are of an international standard most of the factories are HACCP,
BRC or QS standard. We use the services of SGS to quality vet any products
that require such a service. With the ever growing demand for traceability
in the Supply Chain Management in the food sector We are able to offer full
auditing assistance to those processors requiring this.


Market Information

Our closeness to the market worldwide allows us to provide you with
information to help make the right decisions whether you are purchasing
or selling. Supply contracts with all the major meat factories in Europe
Prompt response to all inquiries. The contact base that we established
over many years means that we can immediately understand your problem
and work with you to support and guide you to the solution that best
suits your business.



Currency Payment

With the international aspect to DK Meats and now with the world currency
market being more volatile than before through Investec Bank we have the
ability to offer our clients in any currency they require. We operate credit
insurance with Eurler Hermes and subject to the right requirements being met
operate on a 30 day open account basic. We also do Cash against Documents and
LC when required.



With a generation of experience exporting to UK/EU/US/Middle East and
Asia. We can arrange cost efficient delivery no matter where you are
in the world. We use the same energy and integrity that we do with
trading to achieve the best rates with the most reliable carriers.
As our business have growth to more worldwide destinations we have
developed strong and reliable relations with customs clearance agencies
in more than 20 countries. To ensure the seamless processing of EUR 1,
SAD documents etc.